Monday, 11 May 2009

Sleeve me alone

Here is a Lame Webcam peek at the second purple cardigan I have been working on.

It's Forecast by Stefanie Japel, and much like Coraline has been languishing very near completion for some time. I find it hard to motivate myself with things that have been sitting around for a while. It's easy to forget where you left off in the pattern, which is especially problematic with things which are supposed to come in identical pairs, such as sleeves. I had to rip back the second sleeve twice in this case to get it to match its older sibling. 


  1. As a retired veterinarian turned multi-faith preist, I am particularly drawn to your blog. There is an undeniably spiritual element to knitting, and one which I think you adequately capture. The meditative quality f plain knitting, so much a habit that it can be continued even in the presence of friends; the deep dark frustrations of 'night of the soul' knitting, where hope is gone but one must trudge on. Fascinating. You may have inspired me to write further on this, and even turn it into a sermon!

    Wishing you every success in your continued cast-ons,

    Rev. Alastair Buck.

  2. As a sea captain with an eye-patch my only release from the pain and lonliness of being a briny stereotype is the joy of knitting. Many is the long hour I have sat "amidships" muttering shanties to myself and working my needles. I believe in you I have found a kindred spirit.

    May I add that the "Reverend" Buck's religious views are deeply offensive to me (whatever they may be), snake handling being the only true religion.

    Captain Salvatore T. Dog


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